Justin Capps
2 min readFeb 6, 2020

Ignorance is bliss, they say. Maybe it makes more sense to me if I think of it instead as unmoderated enjoyment. We released our first song weekend before last, just as a video for now.

People have been very kind about it so far, which is nice. On Saturday, while waiting at soundcheck, we listened intently to a local music show as we were told our track would be included. It wasn’t, which was disappointing, but we were together with our friends and playing, so it wasn’t the end of the world.

Sunday, we had an email from another local station saying they would be playing the track and adding it to their playlist for local artists, which was fantastic. We, in our separate locations, tuned in to listen to the Flash On Air and got to enjoy hearing our song played on the radio for the first time. Brilliant!

Yesterday morning, we had an email letting us know that the local BBC affiliate was going to be playing the song and wanted to chat with us. Emily (singer) did a short phone interview, they played the song, it was great. A message from our bassist’s nan informed us that it was played again this morning. Super!

All the while, in the background, people have continued to watch the video and it has amassed over 1,000 views, which is a lot for our little band. It’s been viewed more times in 11 days than tracks from my EP have been streamed on Spotify since July. That’s great!

But in the back of my mind, there’s this constant voice, minimising each thing that happens as being insignificant because it remains a hobby, or it’s not enough. This is stupid, I know, and I want to just be able to celebrate. Maybe it helps to keep driving things forward, or maybe not.

I want us to fly, but there is so much ground.

I love the music we make, the way we are, and the people who support us. It’s a thing many people never get to experience, and for THAT, at least, I am only grateful.



Justin Capps

American singer-songwriter in the UK with his family, band, and band family. It is not a family band.